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Semeton is a group of professional graphic artists and
web programmers, who specialize in graphic design and
web development. Joomla! content management systems development is the core activity of Semeton. We build websites
that shine. We implement content management that works.
We make websites usable. We've been doing it for 3 years.


Our core business is in providing design, development, and
consulting services for website

- Joomla! Development

- Graphic Design

- Photography

- Copywriting

- Email Marketing

- Search Engine Optimization


We have the best people, with a very broad base of knowledge and expertise, and a clear way of putting it all together. We’re not just designers, we’re not just engineers, we’re not just consultants
We’re all that and more.

Semeton key competitive advantages are quality, creativity, leading edge technology, and strong modularity in our development process that allows us to work with virtually any kind of design, technology or new media project. Semeton builds beautiful, functional, usable websites - websites that work.


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